Vermont Conditions of Use

This information is made available for the purpose of complying with 13 V.S.A. section 5401 et seq., which requires the Department of Public Safety to establish and maintain a registry of persons who are required to register as sex offenders and to post electronically information on sex offenders. The registry is based on the legislature's decision to facilitate access to publicly available information about persons convicted of sexual offenses. EXCEPT FOR OFFENDERS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNATED ON THIS SITE AS HIGH-RISK, THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY HAS NOT CONSIDERED OR ASSESSED THE SPECIFIC RISK OF REOFFENSE WITH REGARD TO ANY INDIVIDUAL PRIOR TO HIS OR HER INCLUSION WITHIN THIS REGISTRY AND HAS MADE NO DETERMINATION THAT ANY INDIVIDUAL INCLUDED IN THE REGISTRY IS CURRENTLY DANGEROUS. THE MAIN PURPOSE OF PROVIDING THIS DATA ON THE INTERNET IS TO MAKE INFORMATION MORE EASILY AVAILABLE AND ACCESSIBLE, NOT TO WARN ABOUT ANY SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL. If you have questions or concerns about a person who is not listed on this site or you have questions about sex offender information listed on this site, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 802-241-5400 (after hours: 802-244-8727) or your local law enforcement agency. Please be aware that many nonoffenders share a name with a registered sex offender.

Any person who uses information in this registry to injure, harass, or commit a criminal offense against any person included in the registry or any other person is subject to criminal prosecution.