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NSOPW Mobile App

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The NSOPW mobile application provides users with information about registered sex offenders that have residential, employment, or school addresses that are within a close proximity of the mobile device running the app. Searches can be conducted nationally using a ¼-mile, ½-mile, or 1-mile radius or by offender name. The initial search will be performed based upon the location of the mobile device, but searches can be run from other locations by tapping those locations on the map. In the event that the registering jurisdiction (state, territory, Indian tribe, or District of Columbia) for the user’s area does not allow searching by geographic coordinates for registered sex offender addresses, a ZIP code search will be used to find matching offenders. NSOPW is actively working with all jurisdictions to allow searching by geographic coordinates and will modify the app searching capabilities as improvements become available.



The map below shows the states that allow NSOPW to search by geographic location (states shaded in blue) and those that do not (states shaded in black).


Map of states that allow NSOPW to search by geographic location
Date Created: August 18, 2023